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In-Depth Analysis

With financial investments in the markets: capital and money, buyers are exposed to instability and at the same time evaluate future benefits as a risk. On the other hand, platforms are determined by organizations, government agencies that raise money for the development of their own activities. Participants involved in investments regularly evaluate returns, as well as unpredictable falls that need to be understood.

Real appreciation comes from the arrival of important and new information. The indicator of profit or balance may change, which directly depend on the results of risk assessment and changes in the trading assets of the holding.

What information do you need to keep track of?

Monetary policy

This aspect is regulated by central banks. Therefore, risks and the supply of money, the size of the share depend on it.

Economic ties

Consumers invest in a state where there are general economic permanent links, since the country can be defined as stable. Then the investor makes more investments by evaluating local exchanges.

Situation at other venues

To determine to which country and how much you need to transfer, you need to assess the situation. If the markets in a particular republic begin to decline in the opposite direction, then investors lose profits, withdraw assets from the state and provoke the depreciation of the local currency.

Status and reports of the company

Economic conditions of individual institutions are also considered factors affecting exchanges. Thanks to the positive dynamics of the company, the user can invest in the development of the holding. A negative alignment of affairs leads to the withdrawal of investments from a business or country.

Legal acts and taxes

Composed acts at the local or international level characterize medium or long-term relationships. Documents can serve as a barrier or an effective push to increase investment by foreign consumers.

Weather conditions

The cost of production is affected by the weather, which also affects other businesses that use the service or product. If the price of raw materials rises, then the tariff on goods rises. Therefore, these principles are often displayed negatively, as profits are declining, information is visible in the company's report. A decrease in profits leads to a fall in shares and a decrease in the number of depositors, an increase in the withdrawal of money from the organization.

Political situation

If the country has a stable external and internal political alignment, then investments come regularly and dynamically. At the same time, the deterioration of the political situation adversely affects depositors, and they actively withdraw funds from the region, the state.

Economic crisis

Money recession is different. For example, financial, if the cost was affected by the bank, commodity and political. It is normal to withdraw money during a downturn in order to protect your own interests. The most vulnerable infrastructures are defined as:

  • banking
  • tourist
  • automobile

Economic recovery

Growth is considered favorable when products are provided in the same region. The upswing in the industry indicates that people are financially stable and ready to invest and make purchases. With regular sales and scaling up, the enterprise can attract both regional and foreign customers, thereby creating demand and increasing the fund.


It is necessary to assess the confidence of the residents who are and live near the plant, and the prospect of the state in the future. Confidence in the stability of the country is determined by the central bank, which forms the monetary policy. If customer confidence is tracked, increased demand for products means that people can spend more and the business gains profit and credibility. Investors, seeing the positive trends of the company, agree to invest in institutions that in the future can claim a high demand for shares.


One-time incidents affect the exchanges. An example is the organization of the Olympic Games, as large investments are needed to build infrastructure and attract tourists, so this is an important investment incentive.

Events can also be negative. For example, terrorist acts. Due to such active actions, the exchanges can be completely closed. A catastrophic and egregious incident occurred on September 11 in the United States during a terrorist attack.

It is possible that events in one individual organization can negatively or positively affect others. For example, the energy corporation Enron is closed and declared bankrupt, as it was accused of financial fraud. More than 20,000 people were laid off, and many companies dependent on this electricity supplier were affected.

Therefore, the client must follow the news and events taking place in the company in order to withdraw funds in time and prevent the emergence of threats.

Managers' forecasts

It is worth considering the advice of consultants. Predictions may diverge from the client's expectations or, on the contrary, exceed his assumptions. Scenarios do not have significant effects on the markets, but the mood and actions of participants can be affected. Especially if the forecasts made were from specialists who represent national bodies: political or monetary.

During the speech of the monetary authorities, attention should be paid to hints, as well as hard numbers, in order to determine the future of monetary policy. Innovations can affect sponsorship and interest rate for foreign investors. If you have doubts about the classification and the listed mechanisms and tools of the exchange, contact an independent consultant.

Technical evaluation

The study of the site or holding is carried out in order to study the state and determine the further direction. The staff claims that supply and demand are reflected in the value of the goods and the volume of securities sold.

Research does not guarantee certainty in futures, but study helps to predict trend changes. Information that is displayed in real time in charts is evaluated, while being interpreted to understand when it is worth investing money and when it should be withdrawn.

Rules of technical analysis

Price is an indicator of reality

The statement says that the fundamental aspects of valuable documents affect their direct supply and demand, affect the demand for a business share.

Stocks depend on dynamics

Securities have a certain and habitual stability during a chosen period of time, which becomes either ascending or descending for the business. Also, holdings that inspire confidence can become unreliable. If the state is constantly growing, then you can count on the fact that the company is relevant and in demand for a specific period of time. For investment to be effective, it is necessary to correctly determine the direction of the trend and its reliability.

History repeating

When conducting a technical assessment of a company and its securities, you can track the regularly recurring nature of the course change. For example, to draw a parallel with a policy that regularly rises and falls (negative growth). The personnel who are associated with the verification of papers study the information in detail, monitor patterns in pricing. Known patterns are publicly available on the platform, and can also be used as an example.

Display price changes on the chart

Bar charts and linear tables are popular and reliable. The latter allow you to scroll through the information, and the bars allow you to view an acceptable amount of materials.

Technical analysis includes volumes of charts that display the size of the movement of amounts in a specific period. Only the consumer selects the type of reporting. To understand the average direction of a stock, you should use line charts.

No less popular and in demand are bar charts and Japanese candlesticks, which have a second name - candlestick charts. These tables are chosen by investors and traders in the world, as reporting is considered universal, easy to use, and also contains a sufficient amount of materials.

Line charts

Prefer linear displays due to ease of use. The table displays assets (average or closing price): they can be a commodity or a currency. Materials for the selected period are displayed, more often for a quarter, that is, 3 months. Thanks to the schemes, you can observe the medium-term and long-term movement of the asset.

Bar charts

They have the second name OHLC, in the documents they reflect the price level in a particular period. The tables consist of several lines: one is located perpendicularly, and two - horizontally, they display bars. The vertical line shows the movement of money through the specified interval - after 1, 5, 10 minutes.

If the time period is selected and set, then the "Open" level is displayed on the horizontal line to the left of the perpendicular bar. "Close" is selected on the right side of the bar, located above or below the "Open" value.

The graph shows high and low thresholds, which are calculated from the length of the perpendicular line, where the lower and upper lines show the highest and lowest cost.

Japanese candles

Traders use the tables more often, because thanks to the schemes, you can assess the situation on the market. At the same time, the maximum amount of information in the public domain is provided to the person. The type of reporting appeared in Japan, it is considered one of the ancient and popular. The main difference between Japanese candlesticks and other reports is the difference in color scheme, growth and fall.

The vertical line shows time intervals of 1, 5 or 10 minutes, but due to the constant change in the sum, the body of the graph is painted in different colors. With positive dynamics, growth is displayed in blue or white, and decline in black or red.

At the same time, the shadow of the candle or its wick most accurately determine the rate of capital and its maximum and minimum rise in a certain selected interval. The main task of the candlestick is to display the opening price, which turns into a close.